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Quality Management System Plan

1.1 Company Profile

King Way Electromechanical specializes in providing MEP services. Having completed more than 125 prime projects. Electromech is regarded as one of the best in providing the below mentioned MEP works.

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Fighting &Fire Alarm

The company has carried out projects in and around UAE. King Way works with all the major international brands including Carrier, York, Trane and Rheem, are one of the professional companies to deal with.

Our main strength is its well qualified, highly trained and enthusiastic staff comprising of MBA's, Engineers, CA's and other professional. All the technical drawings are CAD generated and done in house. As a result the response time is minimum and accurate

The company's skilled technicians and engineers supply and install building services in commercial centers, residential buildings, departmental stores, private villas, hospitals, industrial units, schools as well warehouses. We specialize in turnkey contracts

We also offer after-sales services for central air-conditioning systems. We maintain computerized data-tracking system for optimum downtime and maximum efficiency of the units.

We emphasize on training of our staff and technicians on regular intervals. We impart theoretical and practical training by organizing conferences and seminars. This keeps our staff and associates abreast of the latest international developments

1.2 Introduction to the Quality Management System.

King Way Electromechanical Contracting Co.., (hereafter referred as King Way) is one of the leading MEP contractor in the UAE, aims to keep up its market position through customer satisfaction and continual improvement of its polices and strategies.

In effort to achieve this and to reap benefits that could be obtained from management of issues in the area of quality, the organization has in place a quality management system that meets the requirements of international quality standard.

As a first step towards developing this common approach the organization has defined a model for the quality management system.
The model has 5 separate building blocks:

  • The quality management system.
  • Top management
  • Resource management
  • Service realization
  • Research and development

We firmly believe that maintaining the above guidelines will help us to provide highest quality service to customers and enable them to carry their retail operations in an environmental friendly manner.

1.3 The scope of the Quality Management System.

1. Installation, commissioning and servicing of, electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning and fire fighting for constructions industry.

2. Cleaning & disinfection services for water tanks, kitchen exhaust, laundry duct & air conditioning ducts.

1.4 Quality Policy

The Management at King Way is dedicated to conducting the affairs of the organization in a way that will continue to enhance the value of its business, while providing services to its customers at consistently high quality level & growing returns.

Thorough professionalism will be exemplified through disciplined work environment, good time management, highly motivated employees effecting team work, prompt after sales service, value added customer relationship and organizational reputation.

1.5 Corporate quality Objectives:

Quality Policy is deployed in Electromech through the definition and implementation of measurable quality objectives as mentioned below

  • Ensure timely completion of jobs
  • Prompt after sales support
  • Meeting the budgeted cost
  • Enhancing organizational reputation
  • Enhancing customer relationships
  • Motivating employees
  • Discipline & time management
  • Encouraging teamwork

This is demonstrated by monitoring a set of related data (customer complaints and feedback). While reviewing the requirements, the implied needs and expectations of the customer are also identified. The same are conveyed to the respective functions for ensuring that the same are met. As a part of management review, focus is maintained on communicating the customer requirements to all functions.

3.1Quality Policy

The top management has established the quality policy in line with organizations overall business policy. The policy statement considers the following in line with requirements of the standard.

  • a. Leadership position in the industry
  • b. Customer satisfaction.
  • c. Compliance to applicable regulatory requirements of UAE.
  • d. Continual improvement
  • e. Continual development of skilled and dedicated staff.
  • f. Contributions of suppliers

The quality policy is reviewed during the first Management Review meeting of the year by the top management to ensure that the policy is in line with the current corporate policies and goals.

The policy is signed by the ED and exhibited in all the prominent viewing spaces in the office. The policy is communicated to every staff within in the organization.

3.2 Planning
3.2.1 Quality objectives

Objectives form the driving force of an organization. The top management of Electromech has set Corporate Objectives and functional objectives, which are deployed as per procedure PR 19.

The established and review of objectives are dependent upon:

  •  The customer and other interested parties requirements
  •  Organization's image
  •  Organization's growth perspective
  •  Legal and regulatory requirements
  •  Business and operational requirements.

Corporate objectives are set by the top management to channel the growth of the organization. Functional objectives and budget for the department are set by the ED & GM in line with the corporate objectives as per procedure 19. This objective is reviewed every month by the ED during the Management Review meeting and forms one of the criterions for performance evaluation. This review is based on the data analysis of set parameters of the objectives.

The changes are managed as follows:

  •  Change identification PR…Monitoring of QMS (Responsibility – ED)
  •  Change communication PR… Monitoring of QMS (Responsibility – ED)
  •  Capturing the change in the QMS documentation as per procedure PR…Control of documents and records (responsibility –MR).
  •  Implementing the change ( Responsibility – Respective Managers)
3.2.2 Quality management system planning

This Quality Manuel along with the procedures and supporting documentations forms a significant base for the planning of the QMS. The top management ensures that the integrity of the system is maintained when changes to the systems are planned and implemented.

3.3 Responsibility, authority and communication
3.3.1 Responsibility and authority

The top management has defined and communicated responsibility and authority in order to implement and maintain the QMS effectively and efficiently. All employees are given Job Responsibilities (PR.22.HR Management) and authority to assist them in the achievement of objectives. The top management realizes that assignment of authority and responsibility helps in involvement and commitment of employees throughout the organization.

The hierarchy of authority in the organization is aptly reflected in the organization chart. Annexure to this Quality Manual.

3.3.2 Management representative

The ED has appointed the Business Development Manager as the management representative who besides other responsibilities:

1. Ensures that processes of the QMS are established and maintains them on continual basis to meet the goals of company's policy requirements and third party registration requirements.

2. Reports to top management on the performance of the QMS through periodic internal audit of the system as per the Annual Audit Schedule.

3. Promotes awareness of customer requirements and the market needs (during the MR meeting) throughout the organization based on feed back from the Marketing Manager.

3.3.3 Internal Communication

The top management at KING WAY ensures that appropriate communication processes are established with in the company and that communication takes place regarding the effectiveness of the quality management system. Such internal communications takes place through internal e-mail and verbal communication

3.4 Management review
3.4.1 General

The top management of the company reviews the quality, management system every month, to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness as per procedure PR (unplanned meetings also take place to discuss business opportunities and operational problems.

The management review includes assessing opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the quality management system, including the quality policy and quality objectives.

3.4.2 Review input

An input to management review includes information related to the following

  • a) follow-up actions from previous management reviews,
  • b) results of audits,
  • c) customer feedback, (Customer perception & Complaints)
  • d) process performance and product conformity,
  • e) status of preventive and corrective actions,
  • f) planned changes that may affect the quality management system, and
  • g) recommendations for improvement especially for product/ process characteristics
  • h) Quality policy & quality objectives.
3.4.3 Review output

The output from the management review includes any decisions and actions related to:

  • A) improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and its process,
  • B) improvement of services related to customer requirements and resource needs for improvements
4.1 Provision of resources

ED ensures that resource requirements are identified and provided in a timely manner to ensure effective implementation of the QMS and achievement of quality objectives. Refer Budget review Procedure PR...

The procedure PR 15 (Annual Budget) details the process of identification of the required resources.

4.2 Provision of resources
4.2.1 General

Man Power planning is done in congruence with the corporate objectives to identify human resource needs and fulfill them in time. Recruitment process is initiated by establishment of job requirements for each function within the organization. Minimum requirement for education and qualifications and competency gaps are identified, they are resolved by the respective managers and ED appropriately.

Detailed job descriptions exist for all positions. Appropriate records validating the education, skills and experience of personnel are maintained by the organization. PR 22 Human resource management.

4.3 Infrastructure

The top management has determined the infrastructure needed to achieve the conformity to product/service requirements:

  • Appropriate facilities & equipments for installation activities
  • space and warehouse (storage facility as appropriate)
  • Process equipment such as desktop computers, office stationery and any other accessories to perform the service effectively
  • Supporting services, such as transport for movement of parts within and outside the ware house ( like fork lift trucks) and requirement means of communications ( like telephones, e-mail, fax etc.)
4.4 Work environment

The top management determines and manages the required work environment needed to achieve conformity to product/service requirements including well-maintained and clean warehouse facilities. King Way ensures that all facilities used by the company are maintained at a high level of cleanliness and satisfactory environmental conditions

5.1 Planning of product realization

King Way plans and develops the new processes determined for service realization. Planning for these processes is consistent with the requirements of the other processes of the quality management system.

In planning the service realization, King Way follows the same Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology employed in planning the QMS and determines the following:

  • a) Quality objectives and requirements of the product & Process (Ref: procedure PR 03)
  • b) The need to establish processes, documents and provide resources specific to the product & process and criteria for acceptance;
  • c) Required verification, monitoring and inspection activities specific to the product
  • d) Records needed to provide evidence that the realization processes and resulting service fulfill requirement
5.2 Customer-related processes
5.2.1 Determination of requirements related to the product

King Way ensures that the following points are determined as per procedure PR 17:

  • a) requirement specified by the customer, including the requirements for delivery and post-delivery activities;
  • b) requirement not stated by the customer but necessary for specified use or know and intended use;
  • c) statutory and regulatory requirements related to the products, and
  • d) Any additional requirements determined by the organization.
5.2.2 Review of requirements related to the products

Customer requirements are reviewed during the pre-contract stage and all ambiguities are clarified during this stage.

Any clarification sought as part of the review process is documented in e-mails or faxes and maintained in the respective job file.

Contractual requirements shall be reviewed by the GM & ED to determine:

  • a) contractual requirements are defined;
  • b) contract or order requirements differing from those preciously expressed are resolved and
  • c) The organization has the ability to meet defined requirements.

Records of the results of the review and actions arising from the review shall be maintained. Where the customer provides no documented statement of requirements, the customer's requirements shall be confirmed by the organization before acceptance.

When amendments are initiated to the contract the organization shall ensure that relevant documents are amended and that relevant personnel are made aware of the changed requirements.

5.2.3 Customer communication

There are open channels of communication with the customer to ensure low of information on the status of their order, which is a key customer requirement. E-mails, faxes and phones are the principal channels of communication.

A customer satisfaction management system has been devised to ensure that customer complaints are handled appropriately and resolved to the customer's satisfaction. In addition this system also has set a procedure to collect, analyze and act upon customer feed back

5.3 design and development
5.4.1 Purchasing process

The service critical purchases at Electromech are as follows:

MEP/Service Division

  • 1) Subcontracted processes
  • 2) Site materials
  • 3) Equipment

A + Cleaning Division

  • 1) Capital equipment.
  • 2) Chemicals

The respective managers ensure that the purchased product conforms to specified purchase requirements. Purchase is a critical process and required control is placed on the suppliers to ensure that they provide products/services that meet the specifications.

Electromech evaluates and selects suppliers based on their ability to supply product in accordance with its requirements. Criterion for selection, evaluation and re-evaluation has been established. Records of the results of evaluations and nay necessary actions arising from the evaluation are maintained.

Electromech has established the following procedures to control purchasing process:

5.4.2 Purchasing information

Electromech ensures that the purchase documents shall describe the product to be purchased including where appropriate:

  • a) requirements for approval of products, procedures, processes and equipment,
  • b) Quality management system requirements.

The organization shall ensure the adequacy of specified purchase requirements prior to their communication to the supplier

5.4.3 Verification of purchased product/services

All products purchased are inspected by the warehouse attendant on acceptance of the materials. All non-conforming items are returned or notified to the supplier.

Sub contracting services are reviewed on a day to day basis and non-conformities observed are communicated promptly to the supplier for action

5.5 Production & Service
5.5.1 Control of production and service provision

Electromech ensures that the core processes are carried out under controlled conditions. The controls include as applicable

  • a) the availability of information that describes the characteristics of the product/service,
  • b) the availability of procedures
  • c) the use of suitable equipment
  • d) the availability and use of monitoring and measuring devices
  • e) the implementation of monitoring and measurement (inspection activities)
  • f) The implementation of defined release, delivery and post-delivery activities.
5.5.2 Validation of processes for production and service provision
5.5.3 Identification and traceability

Since Electromech is primarily involved in the contraction industry, there are no specific requirements related to identification and traceability. However each project is identified by allotment of a running job number. The materials stored in the warehouse and at the project sites are identified and traced suitably.

Is also another mechanism used for measuring the processes. When outputs are not as desired, corrective and preventive actions are taken as per the given procedure

6.1 Monitoring and measurement of product

Electromech monitors and measures the characteristics of the product to verify that product requirements are fulfilled. This is carried out at appropriate stages of the service realization process in accordance with the planned arrangements.

Evidence of conformity with the acceptance criteria is maintained. Records indicate the person (S0 authorizing release of product.

Product release and service delivery are not permitted to proceed until all the planned arrangements have been satisfactorily completed, otherwise approved by a relevant authority and where applicable by the customer

6.2 Control of nonconforming product

Electromech ensures that product which does not conform to product requirements is identified and controlled to prevent its unintended use or delivery. The controls and related responsibilities and authorities for dealing with nonconforming product have been defined in 18.

When nonconforming product is detected after delivery, Electromech will take appropriate action to the effects or potential effects of the nonconformity.

6.3Analysis of data

Electromech determines, collects and analyzes the following data to demonstrate the suitability and effectiveness of the QMS and to evaluate where continual improvement of the QMS can be made.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Process performance
  • Internal audit findings
6.4 Improvement
6.4.1 Continual improvement

Electromech strives for continual improvement of the QMS through monitoring of measurable quality objectives, regular internal audits, and implementation of appropriate corrective and preventive actions and analysis of collected data.

6.4.2 Corrective Action

Electromech has established procedure PR 16 to take actions to eliminate the cause of nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence. Procedure P15 defines requirements for:

  • a) reviewing nonconformities (including customer complaints)
  • b) determining the causes of nonconformities
  • c) evaluating and implementing the action needed
  • d) determining and implementing the action needed
  • e) records of the results of action taken and
  • f) Reviewing corrective action.
6.4.3 Preventative action

Electromech has established procedure to take actions to eliminate the causes of potential nonconformities in order to prevent their occurrence. Preventive actions shall be appropriate to the effects of the potential problems. A documented procedure shall be established to define requirements for:

  • a) determining potential nonconformities and their causes;
  • b) evaluating the need for action to prevent occurrence of nonconformities,
  • c) determining and implementing action needed,
  • d) records of results of action taken, and
  • e) review corrective actions taken